Hike @ Tampines Quarry Park

Hi all 😀 After much trekking, climbing and bouncing on the trampoline, we were back to hiking! Our hiking events are usually anticipated and popular as we often explore unusual places that people hardly visit or know about. This time, by curiosity and with a thirst for adventure, we embarked on a trip to a forgotten area in Singapore – Tampines Quarry Park.



The challenge begins right from the beginning, where we had to make our way up a steep slope and bash through the thick vegetation. It is the only way we could get into Tampines Quarry Park. We were only warming up!



Tampines Quarry park is certainly not your usual neighbourhood park where the whole family could spend an evening out for a picnic; unless your entire family is made up of avid hikers. It is a wild, untamed, abandoned site with thick vegetation and inaccessible areas. There is a complete lack of man-made facilities that cater to the public. Dating back to the 60s and 80s, the quarry ponds have been formed due to the quarry activities back then. Being such an unadjusted, unique place, it is worth exploring if you haven’t been to such areas in Singapore- but it is undoubtedly not a fitting trip for the unfit and faint-hearted.

The terrains were uneven, and at some point we encountered a large hole in the ground.



We came to a steep slope where we found it almost impossible to maintain our balance walking down; only the skilled and experienced could manage this without support. The trick is to grab hold of the plants by the side (don’t worry, it is impossible to uproot them). Besides, sliding down the slope was loads of fun!!!


There were woods stacked up by illegal residents who stay in the quarry, but it is not too bad, if you are courageous enough you could stand on them and make some poses! Cheese! 😀 However, we had to be wary of the weight that the woods could withstand. (Thankfully, none of us had to swim in the quarry.)


There were many lalang leaves that blocked our paths, so if you intend to visit this place in the future, we recommend that you wear a pair of gloves to bash in.


We were surprised to see that Singapore has such impressive sand dunes. Guess this amount of sand can sustain in Singapore for many years.

sand dunes

Along the way, we found many fishermen fishing at the quarry ponds. Their captures were rather impressive!

Fat Eel caught by one of the fishermen on the ground

As we went further into the Quarry park, we came to a ‘Secret Garden’. Wonder who created this Secret Garden? (It is for you to find out yourself!)

20150524_121854Here’re the potato leaves – the Hokkien people’s favourite 🙂


At the end of it all, it was nice to unwind by walking down the scenic Bedok Reservoir Park.


Many thanks to this bunch of awesome and amazing hikers who joined us to make this hiking trip full of fun and laughter.



We hope that we’ve inspired you in one way or another to live your life at a greater level of intensity. After all, that’s what Passion.Courage.Fun is about. Come and join us for a good, good, great experience!

Lastly, we appreciate what our guests had to say about us- do check us out on Facebook for more of Passion.Courage.Fun 🙂 :

It was my first hike today in ages and I’m really glad I did it with Passion.Courage.Fun! The trail was nicely thought out with ample opportunities for mingling and photo taking and the organizer kept our spirits up with her cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Thanks for the wonderful experience! I’ll definitely consider joining in future activities organized by your team. Hopefully you’ll consider organizing water activities too in future! Cheers and keep up the good work 😉

Weng Yew

It is a fun experience meeting new people and visiting unexplored places. Sounds like an advertisement but I will definitely recommend to my friends !

Koh Tian Sheng


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