Who Is Your Greatest Enemy?

Hello all! Our climbing events are back again! This time round we would like to proudly present you our Sport Climbing Level 1 Certified Course! Greatest-enemy-1Just so you know, sport climbing is getting popular in this region. It is a sport that you get to enjoy the fun and adrenaline rush in you as well as conquer your greatest enemy which is YOU. What attracts me is the immediate gratification of completing many difficult routes in a single outing. Perhaps, this is part of the reason more newcomers are taking up this sport! Greatest-enemy-2Knot tying rope is one of the important skills you will need to know if you are going for rock climbing or even the real mountain to climb! Greatest-enemy-3Belaying is another essential skill you will need to know if you want to be a certified climber. Belaying not only can save all the fuss of finding someone who are certified to belay you but also improve relationship with your climbing partners! It is because you’re going to put your life on his/her hands to make sure you can climb up/down safely. Belaying tips: Better belay someone who has around the same weight as or lighter than you due to safety reason. Greatest-enemy-4One thing good about joining Passion.Courage.Fun group for taking this course is that we have professional and experience instructor, Derek Yuen to not just teach us the climbing techniques but also climb with us as well as demostrate the climb to us! Greatest-enemy-5Greatest-enemy-7Here we go! Climb, climb, climb. Enjoy the sense of achievement!:)

You’ll get to enjoy swinging down like a spiderman! Greatest-enemy-11 Once you finished the course , you’ll be rewarded with the Sport Climbing Level 1 Certification endorsed by Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS). With the Level 1 Certificate, you will get to officially belay someone in any climbing gym. It is also a proof that you are aware of the basic safety requirement for climbing.

Here’s the experience a participant had:


It was a great and fun-filled session. The instructor are very adept in this field. Both the trainer and organizer are very motivating! Thanks for organizing this wonderful activity 🙂

– Asilah, Educator

Do come and join us to get yourself certified and climb the real mountain with us! Greatest-enemy-18


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