Hike @ Tampines Quarry Park

Hi all 😀 After much trekking, climbing and bouncing on the trampoline, we were back to hiking! Our hiking events are usually anticipated and popular as we often explore unusual places that people hardly visit or know about. This time, by curiosity and with a thirst for adventure, we embarked on a trip to a forgotten area in Singapore – Tampines Quarry Park.



The challenge begins right from the beginning, where we had to make our way up a steep slope and bash through the thick vegetation. It is the only way we could get into Tampines Quarry Park. We were only warming up!



Tampines Quarry park is certainly not your usual neighbourhood park where the whole family could spend an evening out for a picnic; unless your entire family is made up of avid hikers. It is a wild, untamed, abandoned site with thick vegetation and inaccessible areas. There is a complete lack of man-made facilities that cater to the public. Dating back to the 60s and 80s, the quarry ponds have been formed due to the quarry activities back then. Being such an unadjusted, unique place, it is worth exploring if you haven’t been to such areas in Singapore- but it is undoubtedly not a fitting trip for the unfit and faint-hearted.

The terrains were uneven, and at some point we encountered a large hole in the ground.



We came to a steep slope where we found it almost impossible to maintain our balance walking down; only the skilled and experienced could manage this without support. The trick is to grab hold of the plants by the side (don’t worry, it is impossible to uproot them). Besides, sliding down the slope was loads of fun!!!


There were woods stacked up by illegal residents who stay in the quarry, but it is not too bad, if you are courageous enough you could stand on them and make some poses! Cheese! 😀 However, we had to be wary of the weight that the woods could withstand. (Thankfully, none of us had to swim in the quarry.)


There were many lalang leaves that blocked our paths, so if you intend to visit this place in the future, we recommend that you wear a pair of gloves to bash in.


We were surprised to see that Singapore has such impressive sand dunes. Guess this amount of sand can sustain in Singapore for many years.

sand dunes

Along the way, we found many fishermen fishing at the quarry ponds. Their captures were rather impressive!

Fat Eel caught by one of the fishermen on the ground

As we went further into the Quarry park, we came to a ‘Secret Garden’. Wonder who created this Secret Garden? (It is for you to find out yourself!)

20150524_121854Here’re the potato leaves – the Hokkien people’s favourite 🙂


At the end of it all, it was nice to unwind by walking down the scenic Bedok Reservoir Park.


Many thanks to this bunch of awesome and amazing hikers who joined us to make this hiking trip full of fun and laughter.



We hope that we’ve inspired you in one way or another to live your life at a greater level of intensity. After all, that’s what Passion.Courage.Fun is about. Come and join us for a good, good, great experience!

Lastly, we appreciate what our guests had to say about us- do check us out on Facebook for more of Passion.Courage.Fun 🙂 :

It was my first hike today in ages and I’m really glad I did it with Passion.Courage.Fun! The trail was nicely thought out with ample opportunities for mingling and photo taking and the organizer kept our spirits up with her cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Thanks for the wonderful experience! I’ll definitely consider joining in future activities organized by your team. Hopefully you’ll consider organizing water activities too in future! Cheers and keep up the good work 😉

Weng Yew

It is a fun experience meeting new people and visiting unexplored places. Sounds like an advertisement but I will definitely recommend to my friends !

Koh Tian Sheng


Who Is Your Greatest Enemy?

Hello all! Our climbing events are back again! This time round we would like to proudly present you our Sport Climbing Level 1 Certified Course! Greatest-enemy-1Just so you know, sport climbing is getting popular in this region. It is a sport that you get to enjoy the fun and adrenaline rush in you as well as conquer your greatest enemy which is YOU. What attracts me is the immediate gratification of completing many difficult routes in a single outing. Perhaps, this is part of the reason more newcomers are taking up this sport! Greatest-enemy-2Knot tying rope is one of the important skills you will need to know if you are going for rock climbing or even the real mountain to climb! Greatest-enemy-3Belaying is another essential skill you will need to know if you want to be a certified climber. Belaying not only can save all the fuss of finding someone who are certified to belay you but also improve relationship with your climbing partners! It is because you’re going to put your life on his/her hands to make sure you can climb up/down safely. Belaying tips: Better belay someone who has around the same weight as or lighter than you due to safety reason. Greatest-enemy-4One thing good about joining Passion.Courage.Fun group for taking this course is that we have professional and experience instructor, Derek Yuen to not just teach us the climbing techniques but also climb with us as well as demostrate the climb to us! Greatest-enemy-5Greatest-enemy-7Here we go! Climb, climb, climb. Enjoy the sense of achievement!:)

You’ll get to enjoy swinging down like a spiderman! Greatest-enemy-11 Once you finished the course , you’ll be rewarded with the Sport Climbing Level 1 Certification endorsed by Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS). With the Level 1 Certificate, you will get to officially belay someone in any climbing gym. It is also a proof that you are aware of the basic safety requirement for climbing.

Here’s the experience a participant had:


It was a great and fun-filled session. The instructor are very adept in this field. Both the trainer and organizer are very motivating! Thanks for organizing this wonderful activity 🙂

– Asilah, Educator

Do come and join us to get yourself certified and climb the real mountain with us! Greatest-enemy-18

Diving in: Beyond the surface of the Trampoline work-out

Last week, we visited the Trampoline Park @ AMPED River Valley for a great workout with our friends. It had been a unique and exciting experience as it was the first time we held such an activity apart from our usual hikes and climbing activities. Due to the overwhelming response, we have decided to hold the next Trampoline event on 14 Jun 15. If you have missed it, do join us again for a great workout.


<<< To view more photos from our last trampoline event, click here to go to our Facebook page. >>>

Besides just having fun, let’s dive deeper than the surface level of things. To excel at any sport, we need to learn effectively the skills related to the sport. We also need to develop a certain character. In any activity, with awareness, we could learn lessons about ourselves.

Do you know that the trampoline workout is not only a great workout on its own, but also a great assessment of your fitness? In each of us, certain muscles are underutilized while others are overworked. To achieve greater overall fitness would mean stretching the overworked muscles while strengthening the underworked ones. In the trampoline workout, due to the way some of us fall that causes some sort of knee-jerk reaction, certain muscles that are underutilized or “dormant” for quite some time may suddenly be called into action, and this causes pain in those muscles as our body isn’t able to support this sudden force. Therefore, in a way, to experience such aches may not be a bad thing if you could view it from the perspective of having an opportunity to grow stronger with the body and intentionally re-training these muscles.

The trampoline workout provides us a great opportunity to break free from the clutter of our lives and the noises of our mind, to drop down into the realm of the body. You may not know this, but to be able to have fun in our body is a skill. Many of us can’t. Some of us are inhibited. We fear that we look stupid. We forget how to let go and let the body express itself through movement. Just like dance, to enable our body to freely express itself through movement on the trampoline requires a re-connection with our inner child, that is essentially our playful nature that just wants to create, express and love. This inner child may have been repressed over the years as we progressed from childhood to adulthood, for it may not have been encouraged/supported by our parents, the nature of our upbringing, our environment and the society. Thus, it may require us a fair bit of courage to let our bodies bounce its own dance on the trampoline, due to the profound letting go of the fear of judgement from others to allow more of our true nature to show and express itself.

Why is it important to re-establish the connection to our bodies? The body has a consciousness of its own. In our daily stresses, tension builds up in our bodies, almost inevitably. Over time, if tension is not released, our bodies fall ill. Many of our traumas get locked up in different areas of our bodies. By connecting with the body by letting it do its own movement, and realising how it would like to move, it is a form of healing and reconnection.

Lastly, I want to share with you a few ideas that could help you improve faster on the trampoline, if you are a beginner.

1. Choose specifically a few basic cool trampoline skills to begin with such as tuck jumps, pike jumps, straddle jumps, half and full twists, seat, front and back drops (basics moves could be taught by the instructors at AMPED). It would be a bonus to do your research so you know what moves you want to attempt. Be patient so you could get your fundamentals right, especially how you land and take off. (To learn more about the 4 phases of a bounce and the basic movements of arms and feet, click here.) Decide that you want to learn it well so that you could combine them at the end to form your cool masterpiece!

Participants learning how to push off from their backs on the ground: It’s not an easy skill!

2. Know how to self-correct, by being mindful of your body and posture. Befriend your body and don’t get frustrated with it just because you can’t perform certain new skills. It may just mean you haven’t properly conditioned your body to function effectively in day-to-day life. Choose a few things that you can do to begin with and excel at those little things.


3. Remove barriers to practice. Such barriers may likely be fears of letting go, fears of being judged and the disbelief that you would become good at the sport eventually. These will only get in the way of learning.

*Remember, that if you realise you have these inhibitions while you’re learning trampoline, they do not just go away if you decide not to learn it. They would manifest in other areas of your life e.g. your career, education, as the way you do something in one area directly translates to how you would do other things in other aspects of your life. Thus, this turns into an opportunity for deeper introspection to eliminate these barriers within us, and more often than not it is courage that would break us free.

4. Practise! Don’t think about it. Just do it.

These tips are derived from the ideas and research of Josh Kaufman. According to Josh Kaufman, while learning a new skill, there are several steps to practise intelligently to make sure you invest your time in the most efficient way possible.

Skills Acquisition graph
Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.11.50 pm
The Learning Curve

If you are interested to find out more, click here!