Let It Go And Be Free!

Greetings fellow PCF lovers! 😀 After Sungai Buloh, we’re all anticipating the next trip, eager to explore, expand and explode in joy and happiness while forging stronger connections. We’re in the midst of planning, which could take a few short weeks. In the meanwhile, we’re back to The Cliff!! And this isn’t for the faint-hearted!

10450219_804104572970755_7075530225080757730_o11157501_804106912970521_4123471157649383022_oThe experienced instructor for our abseiling level one certified course is none other than Derek Yuen. With abseiling, there was guided rock climbing. While the photos speak for themselves, we’ve gone around to catch up with the participants. Let’s hear what they have to say… 🙂


First, we have Meha, from the US!

11041967_804105789637300_3358848927574811449_oHow was it like for you before and after?

I was rather scared before I did it, but the instructors were really supportive and encouraging. After, I felt very glad to have gotten over my fear. It was a good personal feeling. This allows us to get out of our comfort zone. It’s a really fun experience that every one should do.

Can you describe your experience?

Abseiling was scary when you’re at the start, when you had to push off from the tower, but the descending was very fun and technique is very good to learn. Climbing is harder as you kind of need to grab well.

Bill didn’t quite know what to expect, but he had great fun after all!

10830738_804106092970603_4533648563537521310_oWhat is the hardest part?

Abseiling is hardest when you first lean back, and it is sort of scary to be supported by just a harness. Once you get the hang of it and start moving it’s easy, not very daunting.

What do you enjoy most?

It was exciting being that high up, looking down, it’s exhilarating.

Last but not least, we have Sindy, who’s really brave and adventurous herself 🙂


“I love sports and nature. I used to do rock climbing in secondary school, so it’s great to come back and do it again. Both abseiling and rock climbing aren’t that scary, unlike sky diving. It’s about technique. Rock climbing is harder but it’s more fun. It requires good footwork and good grip, and then the tiredness comes in… I had to keep myself moving!”

At the end of it all, we’re tired yet feeling fulfilled 😀 !! Last but not least, the Level 1 Abseiling Certification is presented to each of the participants by our instructor Derek. This certification is recognised in Southeast Asia, and is proof that one has gone through the training of basic abseiling. With it, one could move on to Level 2 abseiling courses, and it is recognised in our local gyms so that one does not have to pay to be assessed for certain qualifications.


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