Sungai Buloh Wildlife Experience

In case you have missed our trip to Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve last Saturday, we are giving you a peek into our amazing close encounters with the wildlife. 🙂

In spite of the high tide on the day, we managed to experience many fascinating moments of wildlife up close, and many of our participants kept stopping along the way to capture them in their camera phones!

If you aren’t careful, you might walk into spiderwebs hanging just above your head between the trees! Our camera man isn’t too keen to get too close to them!

We had fun stopping every now and then, spotting and observing mudskippers in the mangroves. A few gave us a pleasant surprise by skipping past us in the water at great speed! We even saw 2 mudskippers inches away from each other, motionless, staring at each other – like lovers or tensed enemies? – for the few minutes we’ve been there, but who knows how long they are already at it!


Tree-climbing crabs remain motionless on tree-trunks, as if they were lazing the morning away, undisturbed and completely serene. Yet, they are the destructive forces at work in the mangroves! More info here


And of course, the monitor lizard was roaming about, going about its daily business. Fortunately or unfortunately, we did not encounter any crocodiles!


At the end of the day, there were questions to be answered and prizes to be given out!

To everyone who joined us on Saturday, a big THANK YOU to all for being such open and alacritous people. We are truly grateful to have you, as co-creators, to be part of a chapter of our journey, with hopefully countless more chapters to be written 🙂

Wonder what’s in store next? Stay tuned~



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