Welcome Aboard.

Open your eyes to nature. Have you stopped questioning, because the grass has always been there, or you have always seen that but never bothered to find out what it’s name is?

Get in touch with the curious, childlike spirit within you, always jumping at opportunities for an adventure, eager to be fascinated, not with what is mundane but with what remains a mystery, not with answers but with possibilities-filled questions.

Are you ready to approach nature – and your life – with such spirit and mentality? Would you lower your barriers, forget the “known”, and really open your eyes – your senses of sight, smell, taste, sound and touch?


Lovely human beings, let us drop the societal conditioning and knowledge we have. Let our minds quieten. For once, when we come together, let our individual false identities be of less significance. How much do we really live our lives, chasing thoughts running around in our minds? Let us keep an open heart, and effortlessly enter the fullness of the present moment, and see and experience reality for how it just is.

See if we can appreciate the lush greenery, the colorful birds of various species, and the subtleties of different leaves, soil, roots, branches and rocks with enthusiasm, awe and wonder, as if we are seeing nature for the first time.

See if we can drop our demeanours, and be free, being ourselves.

See if we can greet every stranger we meet with a genuine smile, and enjoy human connection with no pressure and obligations.

Then we may begin to ask, Who Are We? Or rather, if you get there, you would ask, “Who Am I?

That would kickstart a lifelong process of self-discovery.

Do join us- through fun-filled adventures together- on a journey where we ask deeper questions for ourselves, seek new possibilities and enjoy fulfilling times. Together, we embark on a journey to rediscover and revive our passion, and find our courage to create the lives we want. Let us discover how much fun we could have!

And this is our intention for YOU.


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